Porting Long Virtual Numbers


Can I port my long virtual number (LVN) in or out of Vonage?

Applies To

  • Long Virtual Numbers
  • Porting
  • US
  • Canada


Porting of long virtual numbers is only possible in the US and Canada.

When porting a number out (transferring the ownership of a Vonage number to another provider), begin the process with the new provider and let us know if the new provider requires any additional information to help you port the number out.

When porting a number in (transferring ownership of a number from another provider to Vonage), consider the following:

  • If you are porting 50 numbers or less, use the self-service feature in your Vonage API account dashboard.
  • If you are porting more than 50 numbers, contact your Sales representative and they will initiate a request to port the numbers in.
  • What is the current usage for the numbers? We do not support MMS, fax, or 911 services.
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