How can I retry a verification attempt?


Cancelling an an ongoing verification attempt in order to retry the verification.

Applies To

  • Verify API
  • Verification Request


By default, Verify blocks an attempt to initiate another Verify request for the same number while there is already one ongoing. Therefore, do not implement a Retry button with another Verify call, as this would be rejected outright.

Retries should be implemented with two subsequent calls:

  1. Cancel the outstanding verification request.
  2. Issue a new verification request.

Use the Verify Control API to cancel an outstanding verification request.

Additional Information

Verify requests can only be cancelled before a TTS attempt has been made. If you attempt to cancel it after this time you will receive the following error: "Verification request [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] can't be cancelled now. Too many attempts to re-deliver have already been made."

For this reason, we recommend you keep your pin_expiry times as short as possible, especially while testing to a limited range of numbers.

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