How to Send Multiple SMS in a Single API Request


  • Can I send multiple SMS in a single API request?
  • No bulk SMS
  • Error 1 You have exceeded the submission capacity allowed on this account, please back-off and retry
  • Why can I only send individual SMS from a single API request?
  • How can I send multiple SMS to different numbers?


Nexmo's SMS API can only accept one message per request.


If you need to send out SMS in one batch, you will have to keep the connection alive and reuse the API request for each of the destination numbers. Make sure to keep your connection alive so you can reuse the HTTP socket when sending requests and taking full advantage of your account throughput (30 SMS/second).  

The best-practice is to leverage HTTP 1/1 and Keep-Alive the connection so each time you are sending a new request you don't need to open another HTTP connection.

You can find more information on our SMS API here

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