What to do if you have forgotten your password.

You can reset your Nexmo website (dashboard) password by clicking on the 'Forgot your password' link at A password reset link will be emailed to your email address if there is an account associated with that email address.

The process to reset your Dashboard Password is as follows:

1) Press the 'Forgot your password?' link on the dashboard login page:
2) You will receive an email to the address linked to your Nexmo account containing a password reset link (The password reset link will only be valid for 15 minutes)
3) If having issues please contact


 - Check spam inbox in case email with new password went there
 - Make sure you are checking the correct email address, the one you created your Nexmo account with

If you have forgotten your API secret you can find it by logging into your Nexmo dashboard and then going to API Settings.

If this does not resolve the issue for you please send us email at


DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT IF HAVING ISSUES, first contact to fix the issue. 

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