What is Verify?


Nexmo Verify enables you to verify whether a phone number is valid, working and whether your end user has access to it (hence it is likely she is the owner). Verifying phone numbers is a mission-critical process and is typically used for :

  • Protection from SPAM - "Are you a real person ?" : by verifying phone numbers you are in effect preventing spammers of mass-creating
  • Protection from hacks - "Are you who you say you are ?" : if you detect suspicious (password reset, logins in a new location) or significant (request for a service upgrade) activities, you can challenge whether the person initiating these is the genuine user whose number is linked to this account
  • Reach Users - "What is the best way to reach you ?" : ensure you have the right number on file so that you can get in touch with your customers when you need to

Example of use cases :

  • Password/Login reset
  • Service upgrade
  • Challenge following Suspicious activity
  • Refresh user details
  • Reactivate inactive users


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