How Long is a Single SMS body?


  • What is the maximum length of one SMS?
  • Why are my SMS only 70 characters long?
  • Why are my messages only 70 characters long rather than 160?
  • Why is my SMS concatenated before 160 characters are used?
  • How long are Unicode SMS messages?


The maximum SMS body length is actually 140 bytes, which equates to 160 GSM-encoded characters (7 bits each) or 70 unicode-encoded characters (2 bytes each).

If you are seeing a maximum message length of only 70 characters this is an indication that you are requesting unicode encoding. If you are using an application or script to submit your requests it may be that your program code is determining you need to use unicode when this is not the case.

The majority of accented French characters are included in the gsm character set. If you are sending in a Western European language we would recommend forcing the message body type to text (i.e. not including the &type=unicode in your API request)

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