Canada SMS Features and Restrictions


Canada has very specific messaging restrictions and a direct connection is necessary to ensure message delivery to the numerous networks. Vonage uses an extremely high-quality, direct connection to deliver your SMS to Canada.

Sender ID

All SMS sent to Canada must originate from either a US or Canadian pre-approved long number that is associated with your Vonage API account. Alpha sender IDs are not supported.

Limited numeric sender only. In the “from” field you need to specify your pre-approved Canadian (or US) virtual number in international format, for example, 18479121345. Otherwise your message will get rejected with the API response code 15 Illegal Sender Address - rejected.

You can purchase pre-approved long virtual numbers from the Numbers tab in your Vonage API account dashboard.


P2P: Person-to-Person traffic may be sent to Canada from a long virtual number using the SMS API. SMS may originate from a mobile phone, a computer application, or an internet-based service, but the message must have been initiated due to human interaction.

A2P: Application-to-Person (A2P) traffic may be sent to Canada using the Alerts Short Code API.

Restricted Content

All CAN Numbers traffic adheres to the CWTA guidelines. For more information, see the CWTA Handbook Guidelines.

  • Betting
  • Cannabis
  • Credit Repair
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Debt Collection
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Emergency Notifications
  • Gambling
  • Get Rich Quick Campaigns
  • Lead Generation
  • Mortgage Loans
  • Multi-Level Marketing
  • Pay Day Loans
  • Pornography
  • Profanity or Hate Speech
  • Risk Investment Opportunities
  • Stock Alerts
  • Student Loans
  • Tobacco
  • Vape

Messages directed through Canadian operators shall not:

  1. Relate to narcotics, marijuana, steroids, or other controlled substances, drug paraphernalia, ammunition, firearms, adult oriented content or services;
  2. Involve purchases of real property, annuities or lottery contracts, lay-away systems, off-shore banking or transactions to finance or refinance debts funded by a credit card;
  3. Offer for sale items before the sender has control or possession of the item;
  4. Offer for sale traveler’s checks or money orders, currency exchanges or check cashing;
  5. Provide credit repair or debt settlement services;
  6. Where the program includes “psychic service," specifically inform recipients that they will win a lottery or any games/contests, or become bankrupt/poor/destitute; or
  7. Make specific health-related diagnosis or tell a message recipient that he/she or anyone they know will die or become terminally ill.

Other Features or Restrictions

  • All carriers send handset delivery receipts except Eastlink.
  • Intermediate DLR (accepted status) will be provided as soon as the message reaches the operator's platform.

Canadian Carriers Delivery Receipt Support


Gateway Accepted/Rejected

Carrier Ack/Nack

Handset Delivery Receipt

Bell Mobility


Rogers + Vidéotron

Telus Mobility + Koodo

SaskTel Mobility

Manitoba Telecom Services (MTS)

Aliant Mobility

Virgin Mobile CA

NorthernTel Mobility

Télébec Mobilité

Vidéotron 3G

Freedom Mobile



Canada SMS Delivery Options

Canada SMS Sending Options

Long Code

Dedicated Short Code

Toll Free SMS (Purchase Under US)





Daily Send Limit

250 SMS / Day / Number



Throughput Limit

1 SMS / sec / Number

Up to 30mps

30 SMS / sec / Number

US Reach

Must register for 10 DLC

No (User must purchase a US short code)



SMS Support




Suggested Use Case

P2P, Non-Marketing, Customer Service, and Chat Applications

Marketing, High Volume School/Flight/Appt reminders

A2P with CWTA compliant opt-ins

Price Per Number / Month

See Vonage Pricing

See Vonage Pricing

See Vonage Pricing

Price Per Outbound Message

See Vonage Pricing

See Vonage Pricing

See Vonage Pricing

Price Per Inbound Message Y/N


Y - See 
Vonage Pricing

Y - See 
Vonage Pricing

Set Up Time

Available Immediately.

Log in to your Vonage API account to get started.

6-8 Weeks.

Contact Sales to get started.

Vonage Pre-Approved: Available Immediately. 
Log in to your Vonage API Dashboard to get started.

Customer Owned: 3-7 business days.
Contact Sales.










Immediate code shutdown for marketing messages. Subject to carrier filtering.

CWTA Guidelines

CWTA Guidelines. Immediate code shutdown for marketing message

*Bell Mobility does not support proper concatenation in Canada.

Additional Information

For Specific Features and Restrictions for each type of number see the following articles:

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