Argentina (Direct route)

We use Adaptive Routing to send in Argentina. Our main provider is a local direct route, delivery receipts are not provided and Sender IDs will be changed (Currently the sender is replaced with a long code but this is dynamic and subject to change. In the past it has been replaced with short codes and local numbers).

Number formatting - When sending messages to Argentina you should ensure the 9 (normally used for an international voice call to an Argentinian mobile) between the country code and the local number is always omitted: Country Code 54 + 10 digit local number.

Virtual Numbers
SMS enabled numbers may only be used for P2P use cases. The following restrictions apply:

  • No more than 500 messages per day per LVN
  • No more than 40 messages every 10 minutes per LVN
  • No more than 5 messages per minute per LVN


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