Singapore: SMS Features and Restrictions

Sender ID:

Sender ID is dynamic to all networks, however we are using Adaptive Routing throughout Singapore so sender may occasionally be overwritten to ensure delivery. Adaptive Routing will consistently test a number of routes and ensure the optimum one is selected to deliver your traffic.



Unicode is supported to all networks.

Concatenated messages:

Concatenated messages are supported to all networks.

Other features/restrictions of note:

Delivery Receipts:
Handset delivery receipts are supported to all networks.

Do Not Call:

A Do-Not-Call (DNC) Registry was launched in Singapore on the 1st January 2014, for more information please visit  Any unsolicited messages would also be subjected to the penalties as described in the Spam Control Act 2007.


Global SMS Features Overview (Outbound only)

Global SMS Numbers Features Overview


Virtual Numbers:

SMS and Voice numbers are available upon request only. 

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