Peru (Direct route)

Peru is a growing market for mobile messaging and operator are making it more and more difficult to send via cheap routes. Successfully delivering sms to numbers in Peru is increasingly challenging and a direct route is required. Therefore to solve this problem Nexmo is pleased to announce that we now have a direct route to all networks in Peru which we are using in conjunction with our Adaptive Routing!

This is now our default to all networks in Peru (MCC=716) and many customers have already reported a massive increase in their delivery success. Delivery receipts are not supported but as a direct connection an extremely high delivery ratio is guaranteed.

As on all direct connections no spam, political and/or adult content is allowed.

Telfonica/Movistar (71606) - the Sender ID on all messages will generally changed to a local number to ensure delivery

Nextel (71607)  - generally sender is dynamic but some senders will be overwritten to ensure delivery

Claro (71610) is filtering alphanumeric and national numeric Sender ID. All SMS sent with those senderIDs will not be delivered. We suggest using numeric Sender ID with international number format to reduce the risk of being filtered.

Virtual Numbers
Local Reach - Yes
International Reach - No
SMS only - No
Voice only - Yes
SMS & Voice - No
Available via API - Yes

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