Israel (Direct route)

Our route to Israel operators supports messages longer than 160 characters (concatenated messages) and sending to ported numbers. Dynamic Sender ID is frequently supported, but sometimes this may be changed to another alphanumeric or random numeric Sender ID to ensure delivery. Delivery receipts are not reliable in Israel, so should not be used as an indicator of successful or unsuccessful delivery to the handset.

Please note, SMS cannot be delivered to kosher phone numbers.

"Kosher" phones and networks are essentially phones with Haredi rabbinical approval that can be used for communication without entertainment functionality or connectivity. This is a line that has a predefined prefix and it is blocked to content that Haredi activists feel is not appropriate for their community. Such blocking includes cellular internet access, chat rooms, SMS, etc. It should not be imputed that other phones are not kosher according to Jewish law, as evidenced by the fact that a very large number - if not the majority - of observant Orthodox Jews worldwide do not restrict themselves to "kosher" phones; rather the description "kosher" phones is a loose description implying an added level of stringency accepted by some communities.

Some mobile plans include a large allocation of minutes to kosher numbers, which are:


Virtual Numbers
Local Reach - Yes
International Reach - No
SMS only - No
Voice only -  Yes
SMS & Voice - Yes
Available via API - Yes

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