The connections we use to the UK are fully featured including handset delivery receipts, dynamic sender ID and delivery to ported numbers.

T-Mobile are filtering Sender IDs containing some symbols, including _ and -

Note that UK routes do not include Jersey or Guernsey. Routes to Jersey and Guernsey are also high quality, but may not be fully featured, and numbers which are identified as Premium will be dropped (there are typically higher levels of Premium numbers in these markets than normal).


Blocked Number Ranges

Nexmo does not provide services towards the following Number Ranges for Voice or SMS:

Personal Numbers (+4470)

Premium Numbers (+449)



  • Reliable handset delivery receipts - Yes
  • SenderID - Fully Dynamic
  • Unicode - Yes
  • Concatenated Messages - Yes


Virtual Numbers
Local Reach - Yes
International Reach - Yes*
SMS only - Yes
Voice only - Yes
SMS & Voice - Yes
Available via - API

*Not all ranges have international reach. Please check the following article for more details.

Different UK number ranges explained.

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