Russia (Direct route)

Nexmo's local direct connection is now live for Russia. This covers all Russian networks (under MCC 250), but excludes Kazakhstan and Abkazia.

Russia is an extremely large SMS market and filters are in place, in many cases even legitimate A2P traffic is blocked and so cheap signalling/roaming links do not deliver well and using a direct connection is imperative.

Please note that social invites are forbidden by the operators and so any traffic of this type is unlikely to be delivered.

Also, operators may block message that contains an URL. Those messages are classified as spam and virus-sending.

As of November 1 2013, the Russian carriers are filtering traffic with numeric, shortcode and unregistered Sender IDs. Due to this filtering by Russian carriers Sender IDs will be overwritten to ensure delivery into these networks. 

Alpha senders can be preregistered if your traffic volumes are above 1M SMS per month, please get in touch with your Account Manager or email to set this up.

We are using Adaptive Routing throughout Russia which will ensure several routes are constantly being tested and the optimum one will be used for your traffic. Therefore occasionally your traffic will be sent over non-direct backup routes to ensure delivery at times when the direct routes are experiencing issues.

Virtual Numbers
Local Reach - Yes
International Reach - Likely
SMS only - Yes (available upon request. Allowed for transactional SMS alerts only)
Voice only - Yes (available upon request. Business registration/Copy of ID of end user required before activation)
SMS & Voice - No
Available via API - No, on demand only
Handset Delivery Receipts - Yes

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