Poland (Direct route)

Polish operators have shut down most of the SS7 connections, however, they do allow A2P to come in at a lower price level than P2P traffic. Today Nexmo is able to deliver messages via a local connection.

Alpha Sender ID is dynamic. All numeric senders will be overwritten by "SMS" to ensure delivery. As well as the usual 'no spam' policy, our partner has provided some additional info on blocked content:

- Sender IDs that contain the operator name (ie, "Orange", "Play" etc) and sensitive Sender IDs (such as "Police") will be blocked completely.
- Messages with ads of Premium Rate services in content will be rejected, Messages that contain premium numbers and shortcodes in the body of the message will be blocked as messages related to Premium Services are not allowed to be to sent via A2P connections.
- Messages with betting odds will be rejected

- Concatenated/long messages are supported. However all Sender IDs will be overwritten with NXSMS for these messages, in order to ensure delivery

Virtual Numbers
Local Reach - Yes
International Reach - No
SMS only - No
Voice only - Yes
SMS & Voice - Yes
Available via API - Yes

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