Turkey: SMS Features and Restrictions

Turkey is one of the markets where SS7 does not work properly and can be expensive to deliver SMS.

Sender ID:

All outbound SMS will have the Sender ID changed to NXSMS, unless the Sender ID is pre-registered, due to high levels of filtering by all operators. 

If you are sending large volumes of traffic (at least 1 million SMS/month) to Turkey we can also pre-register your brand's alpha Sender ID. Please contact your account manager or support@nexmo.com for more information.


Marketing Content:

There are special rules for all marketing/advertising messages imposed by the Turkish Telecom Regulator, which must follow the below guidelines:

- The short messages (SMS) must be prefaced with "REKLAM:" or "TANITIM:", thus telling end-user know that he/she is receiving an advertising or promotional message.
- The SMS should include URL address or company customer care number, informing the recipient of where he/she can find details of the promoted campaign / promotion.
- The SMS shall end with a opt-out option (such as “To unsubscribe text CANCEL to xxxx”).

Example of an acceptable Promotional message:
TANITIM: [BRAND]’da %50’ye varan indirim başladı. Mağazalarımıza bekliyoruz. Çıkmak için NX[BRAND] yaz 3525’e gönder.

In this case, were the user to unsubscribe by sending "NX[BRAND]" to 3525, where BRAND is the sender of the advertising SMS, , the end-user would be receive the following MT confirmation in response (this response will be managed by Nexmo):

[BRAND] : Veritabanımızdan çıkma talebiniz 3 iş günü içerisinde işleme alınacaktır. Teşekkür ederiz.

(Translation:Your opt-out request will be processed within 3 working days. Thank you.)

There are no other additional content restrictions beyond those in our Acceptable Use Policy


Unicode is supported.

Please note that if you wish to send messages using Turkish accents (Ğ İ Ş ğ ı ş Ð Ý Þ ð ý þ), you will need to send your messages in Unicode format, as Turkish accents are outside the GSM character set.


Gambling traffic is forbidden by the operators and so any traffic of this type is unlikely to be delivered.

Other features/restrictions of note:

Delivery Receipts:
Handset delivery receipts are supported.


Turkcell cannot terminate SMS to their subscribers in any other roaming network so delivery to handsets roaming internationally will fail.


Global SMS Features Overview (Outbound only)

Global SMS Numbers Features Overview


Virtual Numbers: SMS-enabled numbers are available upon request and can take up to 3 weeks to provision. A use case of the SMS service and a local address is required prior to activation of the number. 

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