Chile (Direct route)

South America is a growing mobile messaging market, but one with many challenges. Chile is one of the major South American destinations and various filters are in place to filter and block sms. In order to resolve this growing problem, Nexmo is now offering a direct, high-quality SMS delivery service to Chile!

All sender IDs are changed to a random numeric sender. Handset delivery reports are supported but please note that they are frequently delayed and are therefore not a good measure of message delivery latency

Please note that unicode is generally not supported in Chile so we would strongly recommend to avoid using it when sending to this location.

As on all direct connections no spam, political and/or adult content is allowed.

Due to changes in the numbering plans in this country (as of 2016) which requires that all mobile numbers have a digit (9) added in front of the number (behind the country code), when Nexmo receives a message for this country, this digit will be added to the destination number automatically to ensure delivery.

Example: Nexmo receives a message for 564756XXXXX, Nexmo adds the digit 9 after the country code and sends to the operator with the destination as follows: 5694756XXXXX.

Virtual Numbers
Local Reach - Yes
International Reach - Likely
SMS only - Yes
Voice only - Yes
SMS & Voice - No
Available via API - Yes

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