Romania: SMS Features and Restrictions

Sender ID:

Cosmote and Vodafone - can deliver Alpha and Numeric Sender IDs.

Orange - Numeric senders can be supported if you are using a local Nexmo Long Virtual number, as long as the SMS is sent with the CLI of the LVN, otherwise, the Sender ID will be modified to short-code to ensure delivery.

Alpha sender IDs do not support will be modified to shrot-code to ensure delivery.


Spam filters:

Note that anti-spam measures in local direct connections to Romania Networks do not permit sending duplicated SMS (same source AND destination AND content) within 5mins.  This does not apply to parts of the same concatenated SMS.


Local carriers don’t allow person to person traffic. Only pure A2P traffic is allowed, for example: marketing campaigns, promotions, banking and financial traffic, authentication traffic, different service alerts. Orange requires that customers insert identification information in the body of the message, such as a valid email address, website or contact phone number.

Concatenated messages:

Concatenated messages are supported

Other features/restrictions of note:

Delivery Receipts:
Handset delivery receipts are supported.


Global SMS Features Overview (Outbound only)

Global SMS Numbers Features Overview


Virtual Numbers:

Please note, Romania SMS+Voice numbers do not have 2-way reach to Digi Mobil. 

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