Thailand (Direct route)

Thailand is a very large and rapidly expanding SMS market and has many filters in place; direct connections are necessary in order ensure SMS delivery to all networks. Nexmo is happy to say that we are using multiple high-quality local direct connections into Thailand. We have adaptive routing in place, which combines several routes and chooses the best one to ensure your message is correctly delivered.

Handset delivery receipts are supported, as is delivery to ported numbers. No religious, political or adult content is allowed.

Our routes support dynamic alphanumeric Sender IDs on most Thailand networks except for AIS (52001)Real Future (52004) and DTAC (52005) where messages Sender ID would be changed to "NXSMS".

In addition, AIS (52001) does not support the line feed character ("/n").

Supported Features
Reliable handset delivery receipts - Yes
Dynamic Sender ID - Yes, except for AIS. Please reach out to account manager if you need dynamic sender on this network as well.
Unicode - Yes
Concatenated Messages - Yes

Virtual Numbers
Local Reach - Yes
International Reach - No
SMS only - No
Voice only - Testing
SMS & Voice - No
Available via API - Yes

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