India: Features & Restrictions

India is a very complex market and there are a number of different regulations and restriction you must comply with:

NDNC registration

Messages sent to numbers registered in the Indian NDNC (National Do Not Call registry) list will be blocked. You can check the destination number on the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India registry using the following search tool: (omit India International prefix 91)

Permitted Hours of Delivery

We can only guarantee message delivery between 9am to 9pm. Messages submitted after 9pm we will attempt to send, but due to local regulations, these messages will be queued until the morning and you will be charged for them as usual.

If you need to deliver messages outside of these hours then you will need to pre-register your SenderID here:

Transactional route application

If you have transactional messages which are either user-generated or expected, you can register an Alpha SenderID to bypass the traffic filters.

Pre-registered Alpha Sender ID

Registration requires a 6 letter Alpha sender ID and SMS example (minimum 25k SMS per month).
Please submit your registration request at

This SenderID will be used as often as possible but a major percentage of traffic will still be overwritten to ensure delivery: SenderID will be prefixed with 2 letters depending on which carrier was used to deliver the SMS to the final operator, or more commonly a random number; e.g. MD-XXXXXX (where XXXXXX is the registered SenderID) You can find a full list of prefixes here: India Pre-registered SenderID Prefixes. This is due to recent regulation changes.

Any unregistered sender ID is fixed to a local shortcode as required by Indian regulations, whether the destination number is registered on the NDNC list or not.

Anti-spam measures

Number of messages to the same number limitations:

  • More than 6 messages to the same destination number within an hour with the same sender or text may be blocked
  • Users may not be able to receive more than a total of 200 SMS per day across all incoming streams.

Political Reasons

Messages towards Jammu and Kashmir networks (example, 405/55 - Airtel J&K) will be blocked by the government due to political sensitivity.

Reliable handset delivery receipts - Yes 
Dynamic SenderID - Pre-registered Alpha (6 letters) or Fixed local shortcode
Unicode - Yes 
Concatenated Messages - Yes


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