Philippines: SMS Features and Restrictions


The Philippines is a major growing sms market but one which has many problems associated with message delivery.  Carriers are implementing more and more spam filters to prevent A2P traffic reaching their network via international SS7 routes and large amount of messages on these cheaper routes are being blocked. Additionally, spam filters often return fake delivery receipts and do not discriminate between spam and legitimate traffic.

For sending sms in PH, it mandatory to use your own Brand name. Kindly register your brand Sender IDs through us by contacting your account manager or by writing to

Note: “ANNOUNCEMENT - Blocking of Generic Sender ID's towards  Philippines”

Telecos will implement blocking for transactions from the common Generic Sender ID's, which have been frequently used by attackers to send phishing SMS. Hence its recommended to register your own Brand SenderID as soon as possible in order to ensure smooth delivery. The following senders are blocked with an immediate effect.....

• BulkSMS  • Verify  SMS Alert • INFO • Connect • Info
InfoSMS  • OTP • NoteAlert  • REMINDERS Notify  
• SMSInfo  • Info-SMS  • NOTICE   • SMSPin • Pincode

Sender ID: 


Its mandatory to register your own Brand Alphanumeric Sender IDs through us by contacting your account manager or by writing to

Please note, as per new policy of Philippines telcos, that requires filled-up LOA(Letter of Authorization) for every request for registration of sender ids in PH. 

In some cases by default Sender IDs are overwritten to a random generic sender  to ensure delivery on a best effort basis.

Moving forward, any messages that are detected to carry brands that are recognized as premium/generic senders will be penalized and charged at a higher rate.

Brand name contains Operator names are prohibited from registration.

Please see sender ID limitations below for your reference:

  • Must be 3-11 alphanumeric characters
  • Numeric Sender ID's are not allowed.
  • Sender IDs containing the words "TEST", “MESSAGE” and “SMS”, along with all of its permutations (e.g. TESTING, TEST123, ABCTEST, MSG, SMS, INFO, etc.) are not allowed.
  • Alphanumeric sender IDs containing more than 5 numeric characters are not allowed.
  • Sender IDs that portrays PH networks "SMART", "SUN", "GLOBE" along with all of its permutations (e.g. SMARTMONEY, SUNCELL, SMARTLIVE, SMARTLOAD, etc.) are not allowed.
  • Sender IDs containing special characters except for dash(-), dot(.), and underscore (_) are not allowed​


SMS phishing attempts lately causing the carriers to express concerns. As such, we have taken steps to ensure suspicious URLs in such SMS content are masked to protect Smart and Globe subscribers.  Moving forward, you may request URLs to be whitelisted  to ensure they are not masked.

Permitted characters:
There are a number of restrictions concerning supported characters. The officially supported ones are:

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz % & ' ( ) * + - . / : ; ! " # < = > ? $ @ 0123456789 


Restricted content:
The following types of traffic are not allowed, and are considered spam:
Adult Content - any advertisement promoting nudity/profanity/violent
Alcohol - any advertisement promoting alcohol
Drugs - any advertisement promoting the use of drugs and other illegal substance
Gambling - any advertisement promoting gambling
Election - any advertisement promoting a candidate for elections
Tobacco - any advertisement promoting the use of tobacco
Subscriber only/A2P:
Commercial and promotional advertisement, surveys and other broadcast/push messages shall be sent only to subscribers who have prior consent or have specifically opted-in to receive messages.
Unicode is supported on all Philippines network. 
Concatenated messages:
Yes, maximum 3 parts are supported 

Other features/restrictions of note:

Delivery Receipts:
Delivery receipts are only Network based DLR hence not reliable. Quality conclusion based on DLR ratio are inaccurate.


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