China Voice Features and Restrictions


Chinese carriers have strict requirements to allow Voice traffic into their networks.

Vonage is able to provide voice termination into China, however, this requires a pre-registration process which is currently restricted to managed accounts only. All non-registered traffic will be blocked by default. Contact your account manager if you would like send voice traffic towards China.


Once an account gets pre-registered, calls should be sent from an international, non-China number when using our Voice products. Our product does offer CLI delivery for calls delivered from international numbers (in international format), but not from China numbers in international format, for example, 86XXXXXXXXXXX. If you require local CLI or Voice Proxy support, contact your account manager.


Chinese operators do not allow marketing with cold calling. Any such traffic will be blocked at the request of the operators without warning. Unsolicited marketing calls are not allowed even towards users in customer's existing customer database or members of their existing campaigns or programs unless:

  • Customer has obtained the consent data from the end users opt-in to receive the call.
  • Customer has to keep and provide the data to Vonage upon request within 24 hours whenever we receive complaint from the operators.

Other Features or Restrictions

No limitations beyond those in our Acceptable Use Policy.

Additional Information

For more information, see the Voice Numbers Features Overview.

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