China SMS Features and Restrictions


China is one of the largest and fastest growing mobile markets in the world, but, it is also one of the most difficult countries to reach as many filters are in place to block messages in and out of the country. Cheap links into China will simply not work and the majority of messages will be rejected or blocked. With Vonage API's local carrier links, you can deliver messages to all Chinese networks with a very high delivery ratio.

Sender ID

All forms of Sender ID will be replaced by a random numeric number for all networks.


Content at Risk of Being Blocked or Filtered

Mobile operators in China are actively blocking and filtering numerous keywords.

Adult, religious, and especially political content are strictly prohibited and will be blocked. Here are some known filtered keywords and categories:


  • Falun Gong
  • SB
  • Tiananmen Square


  • Gambling
  • Adult content
  • Property
  • Education
  • Immigration
  • Financing
  • Loans
  • Beauty care
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Healthcare
  • Alcohol
  • Politics
  • Fraud

Transactional Traffic

Messages must have a signature included at the front of the message body. Signatures have to be in following format:

  1. [Signature] for contents in GSM7 characters (e.g [Vonage] Your verification code is 1234)
  2. 【Signature】 for contents in Unicode characters (e.g 【Vonage】你的验证码是1234)

Message contents that are not registered or have no signature will be subject to filtering by the operators, which will result in delivery failures.

Vonage API also has very high quality routes for transactional content, which requires pre-registration and is reserved for users sending more than 100K messages per month. With our high quality routes, users can register with their own signatures.

Note: Due to a change in policy on the operator side, Vonage API no longer accepts registration of OTP and notification messages that include a URL link. Registration of messages related to games, gambling, finance, loan, virtual currencies, and stock trading business are not accepted as well, even if it is OTP and notification messages.

Promotional or Marketing Traffic

Any promotional or marketing related messages towards China will have to go through the pre-registration procedures and are subject to approval.

If you need a high quality connection for your transactional traffic, or you plan to send promotional or marketing traffic, contact your account manager or submit a support request for assistance.

Concatenated Messages

Concatenated messages are supported for all networks.


Unicode is supported for all networks.

Delivery Receipts

Network level delivery receipts are supported to all networks. Handset delivery receipts are supported for registered campaigns to all networks.

Other Features or Restrictions of Note

Maximum Number of Messages Allowed to Destination Number

To avoid spamming end users, a maximum of roughly 3 messages with the same content or 15 messages with different contents can be sent to one single number within 24 hours. Messages exceeding this limit may be blocked by local mobile operators.





  • 发送方号码将会改成随机的数字号码发出



 - 关键字:法轮功,SB,天安门广场;
 - 相关类别内容:赌博,成人,房产,教育,移民,金融服务,贷款,美容护理,整容手术,医疗保健,酒精.


- 为保证传送质量,短信内容开头请添加自定义的签名,签名格式如下:

  • 如内容为英文等GSM7 字符,添加 [Signature] (模板:[Vonage] Your verification code is 1234 )
  • 如内容为中文等Unicode 字符,添加 【Signature】(模板:【Vonage】你的验证码是1234 )


- 如您发送的是验证或通知类型的短信,可以考虑注册使用我们高质量的短信通道,使用注册通道的客户可以选择注册自己的签名。请注意这类通道只开放给每月发送超过10万条短信的客户。



- 中国网络运营商对营销/市场推广相关短信也有高度筛查机制,任何营销/市场推广相关内容都必须经过预先备案并获得批准。









  • 短信条数限制


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