Cameroon SMS Features and Restrictions


Cameroon is a growing SMS market and filters blocking traffic are common.

Sender ID

Dynamic alpha Sender ID is be supported.


The additional content restrictions beyond those in our Acceptable Use Policy are as follows:

Adult Content

No adult content is permitted.

Political Content

No political content is permitted.


Unicode is supported for Chinese characters, but not for other character sets.

Other Features or Restrictions

Destination Number Formatting

Phone numbers in Cameroon are 9 digits All GSM numbers (MTN, Orange, Nexttel) are preceded by the number 6. For example, (237) 99246025 becomes (237) 699246025.

All SMS-MT sent to the operators Orange and MTN must contain recipient numbers of 12 digits starting with 2376. All SMS-MT sent containing destination numbers of 11 digits are rejected and cannot be sent to operators.

Additional Information

For more information, see the following articles:

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