Cameroon: SMS Features and Restrictions

Cameroon is a growing sms market and filters blocking traffic are becoming more and more common.


Sender ID:

Dynamic alpha senderID is be supported.


The additional content restrictions beyond those in our Acceptable Use Policy are as follows:

Adult content:

No adult content is permitted.

Political Content:

No Political content is permitted.

Unicode is supported for Chinese characters, but not for other character sets

Other features/restrictions of note:

Destination number formatting:

As of November 22nd 2014, phone numbers have shifted from 8 to 9 digits in Cameroon. All GSM numbers (MTN, Orange, Nexttel) are now preceded by the number "6". So for example (237) 99246025 becomes (237) 699246025.

This means that all SMS-MT sent to the operators Orange and MTN must contain recipients numbers of 12 digits starting with 2376. All SMS-MT sent containing destination numbers of 11 digits are rejected and cannot be sent to operators.



Global SMS Features Overview (Outbound only)

Global SMS Numbers Features Overview

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