Mexico SMS Features and Restrictions


Mexico’s subscriber base of over 100 million makes it one of the largest mobile markets in the world, and up until now one of the most difficult to reach, due to local operators actively blocking international routes. Vonage has local carrier links, which allow users to deliver messages to all Mexican subscribers.

Sender ID

All Sender IDs will be replaced with a random numeric Sender ID, a short code, or a fixed Sender ID as defined by the operators.

Note: You can define an alphanumeric Sender ID for traffic sent via Telcel, Movistar, AT&T as long as it is registered by the network operator.


Marketing Content

Outbound marketing messages are allowed in Mexico, with the exceptions of adult, alcohol-related, and political content. The carrier will raise a spam complaint if they see a burst of messages with the same content, even if the use case is clean, such as a notification. To avoid this it is recommended that you personalize the SMS where possible and avoid sending in batches.

Social Invites

Social invites are forbidden by operators, so this makes it extremely difficult to deliver them or any marketing-related content involving them.

Using Mexican Long Virtual Numbers (LVNs) and Short Codes (SC) for A2P Traffic

Long virtual numbers in Mexico are designed for P2P traffic. All A2P traffic such as OTP and notifications will be subject to filtering by Telcel. Although we have not observed this behaviour with the rest of the operators, it is recommended to only send P2P over virtual numbers.

If A2P traffic has a requirement for two-way SMS, the user needs to set up or move to a dedicated Mexico short code, or shared Mexico short code.

Adult Content

Adult content is strictly forbidden.

Political Content

Political content is strictly forbidden.

Religious Content

Religious content is strictly forbidden.

There are no other additional content restrictions beyond those in our Acceptable Use Policy.


Unicode is supported.


Binary messages are not supported. Maximum message length is 160 characters and all characters further to this will be truncated.

Concatenated Messages

Concatenated messages are not guaranteed. Concatenated messages are not supported when sending using the virtual number as Sender ID.

Other Features or Restrictions

Delivery Receipts

Delivery receipts are supported on some suppliers but are still unreliable and are not available on others.

Additional Information

For more information, see the following articles:

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