South Korea: SMS Features and Restrictions

Nexmo is using Adaptive Routing in South Korea, through a selection of different high-quality suppliers.

Sender ID:

Only numeric Sender IDs are allowed but will be preceded with prefix (e;g 006 or 007 or 009) as per operator policy.

Alpha Sender IDs are not allowed and/or might be replaced with a global numeric sender ID to ensure delivery.


Message content

Every message content will automatically have either of the following text added:

"[Web 발신]"   - it means SMS sent from web

"[국제발신]"     - it means SMS sent from aboard  

Message Length

The messages length is 140 bytes (140 characters in GSM-7 or 70 characters in Unicode), including the leading text (see "Message content" section above").


Concatenate message not supported to KTF and LGU+ operators as operators do not provide concat sms service. Concat sms will be received in parts for these operators. 

Concatenate is supported only for SK Telecom operator.

Messages above 140 bytes will be delivered as Long Message Service (LMS) by our local routes. This type of messages supports up to 2000 GSM characters or 1000 Unicode ones. Nexmo will bill those messages in the same way that SMS concatenation works in other destinations.

Please note that for Concat Unicode, only Korean characters are supported.

Illegal content - e.g. Gambling, Adult Content

Please aware illegal content (especially gambling and adult-related content) is not allowed to all Korean networks.


Spamming or sending suspicious messages are not allowed. These are serious issues in South Korea and it may trigger suspending your account with investigation from local authorities. 


Korean networks support character encoding EUC-KR, supporting Korean text and some of the traditional Chinese characters. Simplified Chinese characters are not supported.


Binary messages are not supported


 Other features/restrictions of note:

Delivery Receipts:
Delivery Receipts are provided, however, they are not handset generated and only indicate that the network has received the message.


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