South Korea

Nexmo is using Adaptive Routing in South Korea, through a selection of different high quality suppliers.

The following restrictions can be expected when sending to this destination country:

Sender ID

 - Only numeric Sender IDs are allowed, and Alpha Sender IDs will be automatically replaced with a global numeric senderID.

 - When sending unicode encoded or concatenated messages the senderID will automatically be replaced with a global numeric senderId to ensure delivery.

Message content

Every message content will get automatically added either of the following text:

"[Web 발신]"


Message Length

The messages length is 140 bytes (160 characters in GSM-7 or 70 characters in Unicode), including the leading text (see "Message content" section above").

Messages above 140 bytes will be considered as a concatenated message.

Any concatenated message supports up to 2000 gsm7 characters or 1000 unicode characters.

Delivery Receipts

Delivery Receipts are provided, however they are not handset generated and only indicate that the network has received the message. 

Content Restriction

Please aware illegal content (especially gambling and adult related content) is not allowed to all Korean networks.


Binary Messages are not supported, neither are Chinese Characters.


Virtual Numbers in South Korea:

Virtual Numbers in Korea are only reachable locally. In addition, concatenated SMS is not supported locally, the message will be split to parts.

Inbound messages will be limited to 40 characters if using unicode (e.g. Korean characters), or 70 characters if using GSM/Latin encoding (e.g. English). 

Virtual Numbers
Local Reach - Yes
International Reach - No
SMS only - No
Voice only - Yes
SMS & Voice - Yes
Available via API - Yes

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