Ecuador SMS Features and Restrictions


Vonage uses adaptive routing in Ecuador to deliver messages. This means to maximize delivery we will adapt how we send your messages, and as such you may see different results (for example, with DLRs or Sender IDs) depending on which network and route is used.

Sender ID

Movistar (74000) messages are delivered with a short code or LVN Sender ID.

Claro (74001) and Allegro (74002) are delivered on a local direct connection when messages are less than or equal to 140 characters. Any messages longer than this are terminated on international routes. The direct route we change the Sender ID to a short code or an LVN. If you can keep to 140 character maximum, delivery will be better. This is due to a restriction with our local partner.


There are no additional content restrictions beyond those in our Acceptable Use Policy.


Unicode messages are not guaranteed.

Concatenated Messages

Concatenated messages are not guaranteed.

Other Features or Restrictions

Delivery Receipts

Movistar (74000) Delivery receipts are not supported.

Claro (74001) and Allegro (74002) Delivery receipts are not supported when we send direct and are fake when sending internationally.

Additional Information

For more information, see the following articles:

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