Qatar (Direct route)

As with many destinations in the Middle East, Qatar is a challenging market to deliver messages to. Many filters are in place to block SMS and even legitimate A2P traffic is very often blocked. To prevent filtering, Nexmo have a direct route into Qatar Qtel (42701). This will prevent filtering and assure a high quality of SMS delivery. 

Delivery reports should not be expected and the lack of delivery receipts does not indicate delivery failure. Sender ID will be changed to "NXSMS". You can apply to register your own alpha Sender ID for use to Qtel only if you are sending volumes of 1 million SMS a month or more. Please get in touch with via or your contact your account manager.

Note that as on all direct connections no spam, political and/or adult content is allowed and generic Sender ID (such as "SMS" or "Message") will be rejected. For Vodafone Qatar (42702), Sender ID can not yet be registered and will be overwritten by a shortcode.

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