Nigeria: SMS Features and Restrictions



Sender ID:

Messages that originate from a Nigerian Number are very likely to be blocked. The networks have stated that they prefer to receive an alpha sender. Although we have not yet seen any problems sending from an international number, we do advise to use an alpha sender in the FROM field.

Our connections to Nigeria support dynamic alpha senders, however, generic senders may be blocked.


Marketing Content:

The DND option (Do Not Disturb) has been activated by all Nigerian networks under the NCC's (Nigerian Communications Commission) regulatory policy.

The DND service allows all subscribed customers to opt out from receiving any promotional messages from 3rd party services. Therefore, any of your recipients who has the DND service enabled will not be able to receive any message.

There are no additional content restrictions beyond those in our Acceptable Use Policy

Other features/restrictions of note:

Delivery Receipts:

Delivery receipts on CDMA networks in Nigeria are not officially supported:

Messages sent to CDMA operator Starcomms Nigeria will not return Delivery Receipts, but only acknowledgement of message reception (submit_sm_resp) by the carrier. Furthermore, if a number lookup is performed will appear as being roaming outside Nigeria. 

CDMA operator Visafone Nigeria (62125) does not provide Delivery Receipts. You should not expect Final status notifications for messages to this Operator.


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