Bahrain (Direct route)

Messages to all networks in Bahrain (MCC=426) are being sent over our Adaptive Routing. Therefore much of the time a direct link will be used but we also have backup routes for when this is not high-quality. The direct route is fully featured, supports DLRs and dynamic Sender ID but the alternative routes may overwrite senders.

As always, political, religious or adult content is likely to be blocked by the Bahraini operators.

Additionally operator names such as "Zain", "Viva" and "Batelco" are blocked by the operators as an anti-spam measure. Please ensure that your messages do not contain any of these works or they will not be delivered.

Virtual Numbers
Voice only
Available off API only (on demand)

The following is required before a number can be ordered:

1. Name, business name and contact phone number. 

2. Passport or ID copy.* 

3. Current address (street, building number, postal code, city). 

4. Proof of address form (a copy of utility bill no older than of 6 months). 

* In case registration process is performed under a company name, the company registration certificate shall be provided together with passport or ID copy. 



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