Where do I find the SMPP credentials, port and host?


  • What credentials should I use for SMPP?
  • What is my System_ID for SMPP with Nexmo?
  • How do I find my username and Password for SMPP?
  • What parameters do I need to know to set up our SMPP connection with you?


Your SMPP credentials can be found in the API settings when you login to your dashboard.

The correspondence with SMPP parameters are as follows:

  • System_ID = Key
  • Password = Secret


  • smpp0.nexmo.com  (if only connecting to one gateway)


  • smpp1.nexmo.com and smpp2.nexmo.com (if connecting to our cluster in EMEA/Americas)


  • smpp3.nexmo.com and smpp4.nexmo.com (if connecting to cluster our in Asia-Pacific)

Port: 8000 

Throughput : 30 sms / sec 

Connections : 2 connections max (may be one TR and one RX, or two TRX)

Enquire link frequency: 30 seconds

The default API secret is 16 characters but you can change this to be shorter if your SMPP server cannot handle this length. You can change the API secret in Dashboard, under Settings

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