Where do I find my SMPP credentials, port, and host?


What credentials should I use for SMPP?

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  • SMPP
  • Login Credentials


Your SMPP credentials can be found in the API settings when you log in to your Vonage API account dashboard.

The correspondence with SMPP parameters are as follows:

  • System_ID = Key
  • Password = Secret


  • (if only connecting to one gateway)
  • and (if connecting to our cluster in EMEA/Americas)
  • and (if connecting to cluster our in Asia-Pacific)

Port: 8000

Throughput: 30 sms/sec

Connections: 2 connections max (may be one TR and one RX, or two TRX)

Enquire Link Frequency: 30 seconds

Note: The default API secret is 16 characters. We strongly encourage you to shorten this to 8-10 characters as most SMPP servers cannot handle the extra length. You can change the API secret in your Vonage API account dashboard, under Settings.

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