Not receiving Delivery Receipts for SMPP, what should I do?


  • Why am I not receiving DLRs on my SMPP connection?
  • How can I change the format of delivery receipts on SMPP?
  • Why does Nexmo send delivery receipts in decimal rather than hex?


Nexmo's SMPP returns the MessageID parameter on the deliver_sm using a decimal format by default. If you require the MessageID to be in hexadecimal format in the deliver_sm PDU, please follow the steps below to modify it.


To modify the MessageID format on the deliver_sm you need to:

1 - Login into your Dashboard Settings and scroll down to the API Settings section and select the relevant API key

 2 - Tick the 'DLR Format Message Id is Hex' box to receive the MessageID in hexadecimal format.


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