What are the reasons for SMPP error 13 (decimal)?

The generic meaning of this error (0x0d - 13 -  ESME_RBINDFAIL) is Bind Failed.

The error can occur due to connecting into an incorrect endpoint (mis-matched zone), due to the account not being SMPP enabled, or due to bad credentials.

For mis-matched zone, please refer to this article: Which host and port do I use to connect to Nexmo SMPP server?

For accounts that are not SMPP enabled, please contact our Support team.

For error due to bad credentials, please try out the following:

  • Ensure the password (API Secret) follows the below guideline
    • Min 8 and max 10 characters (new accounts have 16 characters as default, so this may need your action)
    • Alphanumeric Characters (a-z , A-Z and 0-9) only
    • Minimum 1 lower case character
    • Minimum 1 upper case character
    • Minimum 1 digit
  • Restrict the API Secret to the number of password characters limited by the server/proxy in which the SMPP bind configurations are set up. E.g. Kannel limits passwords to 8 characters, hence you must change the API secret to 8 characters.


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