How can I get the price of an SMS and the remaining balance in SMPP?


Obtaining the price of an SMS and your remaining balance in SMPP.

Applies To

  • SMS
  • Billing
  • SMPP


Include a Tag Length Value (TLV) of 0x1421 in the submit_sm with a value of 0x031.

0x1422, 0x1423, and 0x1402 will be returned with strings containing the price, remaining balance, and the Mobile Country Code (MCC)/Mobile Network Code (MNC).

Optional TLV Field Hex Value Decimal
Submission Price 0x1422 5154
Remaining Balance 0x1423 5155
MCC/MNC 0x1402 5122


Send a 0x1421 and get back a 0x1422/0x1423 and 0x1402 (MCC/MNC).

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