Which host and port do I use to connect to the Vonage SMPP server?


Connecting to the Vonage SMPP server.

Applies To

  • SMPP


To enable your account for SMPP, submit a Support request including your API Key and the email address on the account.

Vonage will activate SMPP on your account, and based on your setup you will need to bind into one of the following:

  • (if only connecting to one gateway)
  • and (if connecting to our cluster in EMEA/Americas)*
  • and (if connecting to our cluster in Asia-Pacific)*

On all these scenarios, the Port is 8000.

*You need to bind to both SMPPs at all time as MOs/DLRs will be sent out from either one of the SMPP. Failing to do so may result in lost MOs/DLRs.

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