Which host and port do I use to connect to Nexmo SMPP server?

If you need to enable your account to SMPP, you first need to sign-up and then email us on indicating your API Key, ideally from the email address that you used to sign-up.

Nexmo will activate SMPP on your account, and based on your setup you will need to bind into either:

  •  (if only connecting to one gateway)


  • and (if connecting to our cluster in EMEA/Americas) *


  • and (if connecting to our cluster in Asia-Pacific) *

On all these scenarios, our Port is 8000.

* You need to bind to both SMPPs at all time as MOs/DLRs will be sent out from either one of the SMPP. Failing to do so may result in lost MOs/DLRs.

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