How can I configure Kannel with Vonage SMPP?


Configuring Kannel for Vonage SMPP.

Applies To

  • Kannel v 1.4.3 or Later
  • Vonage SMPP


Replace $nexmo_user and $nexmo_password in the example kannel.conf file with your existing Vonage SMPP credentials and restart your Kannel.

Note: The default API secret is 16 characters, so you will need to change this to 8 so that you can use it with Kannel. You can change the API secret in your Vonage API account dashboard, under Settings.

After this is complete, you are ready to send a test message from your local Kannel server.



For security reasons, the Kannel configuration only allows access from localhost. To allow a new machine IP address, edit the following configuration lines.

Example with 2 IP X.X.X.X and Y.Y.Y.Y:

admin-allow-ip = ";X.X.X.X;Y.Y.Y.Y"
box-allow-ip = ";X.X.X.X;Y.Y.Y.Y"
user-allow-ip = ";X.X.X.X;Y.Y.Y.Y"

Additional Information

Visit the Kannel site to download Kannel.

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