What number format is acceptable for the Number Insight API?


How should I format numbers when using the Number Insight API?

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  • Number Insight API
  • Number Format


The phone number provided to the Number Insights API can be either in the international format or in a local format, accompanied by a country code (parametrized additionally as "&country=<CC>", where <CC> is the two character country code for the country that the number is from). The API takes care of numbers in different formats, accommodating for symbols such as +, -, (, ), and spaces. Additionally, Number Insights also understands Phonewords so alphanumeric special numbers are also accepted.

Examples of acceptable numbers:

  • number=+99 (999) 999-9999
  • number=+999999999999
  • number=+9999999NEXMO
  • number=9999999999&country=GB
  • number=0999999999&country=GB

If a number is not in any acceptable format, or violates the standard E.164 rules, the API will reject it.

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