Number Insight Troubleshooting Tips

  1. I am seeing "The number type is incorrect" - Why did this happen?
    Answer: In markets where numbers are interchangeable between mobile and fixed networks, this may have occurred due to information that is out of date. Otherwise, it may mean an error within Nexmo systems - please flag this for immediate attention by emailing
  2. What are the meanings of the various status codes returned in acknowledgement of a request?

    0 The request was successfully accepted.
    1 Your request was throttled. Please send fewer requests per second or contact your account manager with a business need for a higher throughput.
    3 Invalid Request. Your request is incomplete and missing some mandatory parameters.
    4 Invalid Credentials. The api_key / api_secret you supplied is either invalid or disabled.
    5 Internal Error. The format of the recipient address is not valid.
    9 Partner Quota Exceeded. Your account does not have sufficient credit to process this request.
    19 Facility Not Allowed - Your request makes use of a facility that is not enabled on your account
  3. What are the meanings of the various status codes returned in the callback response of a request?

    0 - Success The response is successful and complete. This request is billed.
    1 - Timeout There was a timeout with one or more information sources. The response is successful but incomplete - If you retry later, we may be able to return more information. This request is billed.
    2 - Failure The request failed. We cannot determine any information about this number - this is a permanent error. This request is refunded.
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