How do I setup a pre-approved Short Code Alerting Service?

** Vonage Customers Using US Shared Short Codes **

T-Mobile and AT&T’s new code of conduct prohibits the use of shared originators, therefore, Shared Short codes will no longer be an acceptable format for A2P messaging. 

  • Vonage customers using a Shared Short Code, must migrate SMS traffic to either a 10DLCToll Free SMS Number, or  Dedicated Short Code
  • Vonage customers using our Shared Short Code API must migrate to either our SMS API or Verify API 
  • Customers using Dedicated Short Codes are not affected by these changes within the scope of 10DLC."****



To set up an alerting service you need to first request an alerts shared short code from the Nexmo Dashboard.

Input the the information about your campaign (all fields are required) and request your short code to be set up

Everything must be CTIA and TCPA compliant.

Fields on the form

  • Message: Requires a program name that is at least 10 characters
  • Example: 'Your appointment time with Dr. Smith is ${time}'
  • Program Name: Name of the service (eg: "Dr. Smith appointment alerts")
  • Support Info: Toll free number or email address
  • Support Info: Toll free number or email address

Business contact and description
Information in this section is for internal Nexmo review of the application.

  • Contact Name
  • Contact Email
  • Phone Number
  • Description: A detailed explanation of how the service or program works.
  • Opt-in: Web, Marketing Material, or Other

Check the box to declare the campaign is TCPA compliant.

Then once the form is complete click update to submit the application. Once the request is submitted the approval may take up to 5 business days to be processed.


  • For alerts from shared short codes, Nexmo requires and manages STOP.
  • Nexmo does not support the keyword START.
  • Opt-in is managed by customers on their end.

See "Resubscribe to your campaign"

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