How can I handle inbound calls to my voice-enabled virtual number?


Handling inbound calls to a voice-enabled virtual number.

Applies To

  • Inbound Voice
  • Virtual Numbers
  • Call Forwarding


You have three options for handling inbound calls to a Vonage API voice-enabled virtual number. You may forward the call to:

  • A Voice API Application
  • A Voice-enabled PSTN number

Forward to Voice API Application

You can link a number to an application in your Vonage API account dashboard by selecting Link next to the number you want to associate with that application.

When we receive the call, we connect your call and run the parameters specified in your Call Control Object (NCCO). You can play text-to-speech, stream audio files, create voicemails, start conferences, IVR menus, and much more. You can find example use cases in our documentation.

Forward to Voice-Enabled PTSN Number

You can configure the forwarding number in your account dashboard by setting the Voice Setting to Forward to Phone and entering a number in E.164 format, without the international access shortcut (+).

Forward to SIP URI

You can configure the forwarding address in your account dashboard by setting the Voice Setting to Forward to SIP and entering the SIP URI using an IP address 123@201.354.123.456 or domain There is no authentication for inbound calls; however, you can limit the requests to our subnets.

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