Inbound Voice Features, Restrictions, and Capacity

  • Inbound calls features, restrictions and capacity
  • What is the concurrent capacity for inbound calls?
  • How many inbound calls can I receive?

What are the Service Features and Restrictions associated with your Inbound Voice virtual numbers?

The lists here (Voice only Numbers), here (SMS+Voice Numbers), and here (Toll-free Numbers) show our virtual number features and restrictions applicable on a per country basis, due to different regulatory conditions pertaining to a specific country.

What is Nexmo's inbound voice channel capacity?

The inbound capacity of Voice virtual numbers depends on the country. By default we provide 50 channel capacity per number for the majority of countries, but there are a few with exceptional restrictions. If you need to a higher inbound capacity for a number, we could likely accommodate. Please contact to confirm. The lists here (Voice only Numbers), here (SMS+Voice Numbers), and here (Toll-free Numbers) have full feature and restriction details for voice-enabled virtual numbers by country.

Important notes

CLI (Caller Line Identity/Caller ID) for in-country originating calls is regularly tested and is confirmed to be supported for all of our virtual numbers. Generally CLI will be transferred only if the originator or caller's carrier passes the CLI transparently to our network. If the originating carrier hides CLI it cannot be transferred.

Pricing for both inbound voice, outbound voice and voice enabled virtual numbers can be found here:


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