Does Nexmo support CLI / Caller ID for my voice calls?


  • What is CLI?
  • What is ANI?
  • Can I use non-Nexmo voice numbers to make a call?
  • Can I use my own number for outbound calls?
  • Can I use my own CLI / Caller ID for outbound calls?
  • Is inbound CLI supported?
  • Will the inbound CLI be supported?


CLI is the Caller Line Identity, also referred as the Caller ID.

ANI is Automatic Number Identification and is terminology often used when referring to the Caller ID. A caller's telephone number is automatically captured by an ANI service, even if the CLI/Caller ID is withheld, and is used for billing purposes rather than presentation.

When using any of the Nexmo Voice API, Programmable SIP or SIP trunking, you will need to purchase a virtual number from Nexmo and use this as your CLI/Caller ID. Certain country-specific restrictions do not allow some CLIs, and it is recommended to check for a country-specific article first.

If you set the CLI as a non-Nexmo number, or include a + at the beginning, it will be stripped and the call will be sent with the CLI set to Unknown or will change downstream.

CLI for in-country originating calls is regularly tested and is confirmed to be supported for all of our virtual numbers. You can find information on specific countries' numbers' support for international CLI in the Voice Numbers Features Overview. CLI will be usually be supported for inbound calls if the originating or caller's carrier presents the CLI transparently to our network. If the originating carrier hides the CLI, or does not support it, it will not be received.

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