Can I use my own CLI / Caller ID for outbound calls?


  • Can I use non-Nexmo voice numbers to make a call?
  • Can I use my own number for outbound calls?
  • Can I use my own CLI/Caller ID for outbound calls?


When using any of the Nexmo Voice APIs or SIP trunking, you will need to purchase a number from Nexmo and use this as your CLI/Caller ID, with exclusions for certain countries. Certain country specific restrictions do not allow this, and it is recommended to check for a country specific article first.

If you set the CLI as a non-Nexmo number, or include a + at the beginning, this will be stripped and the call will be sent with the CLI set to Unknown or will be changed downstream.

If you are experiencing any issues or need to use your own existing number, please contact

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