How does voice pricing work for Inbound and Outbound calls?

Voice pricing is quoted per minute, although we charge for all calls per second for all countries. If you made one thousand calls of 1 minute duration each the total cost would be 0.0095 x 1000 = 9.5 EUR, but if these calls' duration were only 30 seconds per call the total price applied would be 4.75 EUR.

If you purchase a voice-enabled virtual number you can receive calls to it, and the price of an inbound leg of a call will be 0.0045 /min EUR (always billed per second), unless specified differently on

Note that when receiving an inbound call, the total billing can vary based on the type of forwarding end-point configured:

  • Forward to Voice API Application or SIP - You will only pay for the inbound leg from the caller to Nexmo, and the leg from Nexmo to your Voice API Application or SIP endpoint will be free of charge. If your NCCO makes another outbound call, this will be billed the same as a normal outbound call.
  • Forward to Phone - You will pay for both the inbound leg from the caller to Nexmo, and the outbound leg from Nexmo to your forwarding destination.

A call is only charged from the time a call is answered, until the time the call is terminated. Nexmo does not charge for the ringing or connection of a call.

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