Different UK Number Ranges explained

A Guide to UK Virtual Numbers

 - Land Line
    Begin 441xx or 442xx. Local Reach Only. Messages are in bundle from all UK mainland networks. These Numbers are both Voice and SMS enabled

 - Jersey Mobile
    Begin 447937xx. Managed International Reach. Messages are in bundle from some UK mainland networks but not all. See details here.

 - EE Mobile
    Begin 447507xx. International Reach is likely but not guaranteed. Inbound Messages are in Bundle from the main UK mainland MNOs.

 - Tismi Mobile
    Begin 447520xx/447418xx/447451xx/447441xx. International Reach is less likely than other number ranges. Inbound messages are in bundle from UK mainland networks and these numbers are both Voice and SMS enabled

Nexmo offers various options with regards to UK Virtual Numbers. Each has a distinctive feature set so you can enable the numbers you feel are most suited to your needs. 

NB: Please note that currently Nexmo Virtual Numbers cannot be reached by Sky UK Limited subscribers.

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