Which countries does Nexmo have numbers in?


  • From which countries can Nexmo virtual numbers receive SMS?
  • Can I receive SMS from Country X with my Nexmo long virtual number?
  • What is the inbound international reach of Nexmo's SMS virtual numbers?
  • What markets can I send SMS to from my Nexmo virtual number?
  • What is Nexmo's virtual number reach?
  • Which countries does Nexmo have DID / DDI numbers in?

SMS enabled numbers:

For SMS only numbers' features please see: SMS Numbers Features Overview

Long virtual numbers are designed to send and receive inbound SMS from your local market. E.g. A US long virtual number will be able to receive incoming SMS from a US mobile phone. 

SMS + Voice enabled numbers:

For combined SMS and Voice numbers' features please see: SMS+Voice Numbers Features Overview

Dual enabled numbers can send and receive SMS and make and receive phone calls. 

Voice enabled numbers:

For Voice only numbers' features please see: Voice Numbers Features Matrix

Voice numbers can make and receive phone calls and each country has different service features.

Toll-Free numbers:

For Toll-Free numbers' features please see: Toll-free Numbers Features Overview

Toll-Free numbers are not accessible from international destinations or pay-phones. 

Local and International Reach:

What is Local or International reach?

We can't guarantee that the inbound number can be reached from non-local phone numbers or from other SMS APIs and Short Codes. However, some do successfully receive inbound messages from abroad.

Where international says 'Likely', this means we are told the numbers have international reach, but the number provider has not confirmed the networks they have inbound reach from, hence we promote on a best efforts basis.

If you need to receive SMS in a country that isn't listed on any of the articles linked above, you can use numbers from one of the countries that has international (inbound) reach. This would require your customers to send an international SMS. 
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