Inbound Reach List - Who Can Send SMS to My Inbound Nexmo Number?

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Long virtual numbers are designed to receive inbound SMS from your local market. E.g. A US long virtual number will be able to receive incoming SMS from a US mobile phone. 

We can’t guarantee that the inbound number can be reached from non-local phone numbers or from anothers SMS APIs. However, some do successfully receive inbound messages from abroad.

Where international says 'Probably', this means we are told the numbers have international reach, but the number provider has not confirmed the networks they have inbound reach from, hence we promote on a best efforts basis.

For the full inbound reach list of each local virtual number, check the links below:

Country Local Reach International Reach Voice (may not be all numbers) Notes
Australia Yes Yes - see list No  
Austria Yes Yes - see list No  
Belgium Yes Probably Yes  
Canada Yes No - Except countries in the NANP Yes  P2P Traffic only.
Costa Rica Yes Probably No  
Chile Yes Probably No  
Croatia Yes Probably No  Inbound only (Can not send SMS from long number)
Czech Republic Yes Probably Yes  
Denmark Yes Probably No  
Estonia Yes Probably No  
Finland Yes Probably Yes  
France Yes Probably Yes P2P Traffic only. Some special characters downgraded see list
Germany Yes Probably No  
Guatamala Yes No No  
Hong Kong Yes Yes - see list No  
Hungary Yes No No  
Ireland Yes Yes - see list No  
India Yes No No  
Indonesia Yes Probably Yes  
Israel Yes No Yes  
Latvia Yes Probably No  
Lithuania Yes Probably No  
Malaysia Yes Probably Yes  
Mexico Yes No No  
Netherlands Yes Probably Yes PLEASE NOTE THIS
Norway Yes Yes  - see List No  
Pakistan Yes No No Inbound only (Can not send SMS from long number)
Poland Yes No Yes  
Portugal Yes No No  
Romania Yes No Yes  
Rwanda Yes No No  
Slovakia Yes No No  
South Africa See note No No Current Issues with Reach
South Korea Yes No Yes  
Spain Most - see list No No  
Sweden Yes Yes - see list Yes  
Switzerland Yes Probably No  
UK (+441xx) Yes  No Yes  
UK (+447937xx) Yes Yes - see list No  
UK (+447507xx) Yes Probably No  
UK (+447520xx) Yes Probably, but limited Yes  
United States (inc Puerto Rico) Yes No - Except countries in the NANP Yes  P2P Traffic only.

If you need to receive SMS in a country that isn't listed above, you can use numbers from one of the countries that has international reach. This would require your customers to send an international SMS. Please contact or your sales representative to discuss obtaining local numbers in other countries.

See also Other options for receiving SMS via local numbers.

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    The Swiss virtual number cannot be used as sender ID when sending messages to customers of operator Orange Switzerland: such messages get filtered out.

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    Mark Stoneman

    For us newbies, please clarify if "non-local phone numbers" includes roaming subscribers. For example, will a +44 handset roaming on a +27 network be treated exactly the same as a +27 handset, or is it still considered to be non-local in the context of virtual numbers?

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    Nexmo Customer Care

    Delivery from / to roaming numbers cannot be ensured due to Carrier Interconnection Agreements.

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    Eric Nadalin

    Even when you are roaming, your phone number doesn't change. If a UK subscriber is roaming in South Africa his number remains the same but he can text a local south african number and be seen as "local" (from the carrier) however you will receive a +44 as a sender id. I would recommend to test if you have access to UK handset in South Africa.

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    Jeremias Kangas

    Seems like finnish SMS messages are not delivering, tried sending to TeliaSonera number and message hasn't showed up.

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    Jeremias Kangas

    Actually the message got delivered, there was just very long delay.

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    Mark Stoneman

    For the record, so that random noise about OUTBOUND delivery doesn't cloud the actual topic, which is INBOUND reach:

    1. Carrier Interconnection Agreements *cannot* ensure delivery (which is the opposite of what one would expect such agreements to do).

    2. Carrier Interconnection agreements are unknown. Give it your "best effort" to test all carrier interconnections for yourself.

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    Tony Jamous

    Hi Mark, I am not sure how can I help you. Can you tell us the issue you are facing right now?

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    Mark Stoneman

    Hi Tony,

    My issue is that I plan to provide a service to users that may be roaming from many countries, and I need to pre-determine the international reach of the long numbers I would use. Ideally, I must ensure that a bunch of major overseas carriers (at least) will route to/from that network, but it's obviously not feasible to test and find that out for myself.

    I know that the first sentence of the original post is "Long virtual numbers are designed to receive inbound SMS from your local market", but long codes are often touted as "international", and the main reason I turn to them is because short codes will definitely only work locally.

    Maybe it's not true with your particular arrangements, but "direct connections" to carriers plus the presence of "carrier interconnection agreements" suggests to me that it should be achievable to list the routing possibilities when using a specific range of numbers (I believe that's 2787 in this case).

    Or is my ignorance showing? Quite possibly... I don't know what I don't know, you know?

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    Tony Jamous

    This will likely not work. Because SMS roaming is a network with loads of gaps. The carrier providing the long number needs to have an agreement with both the original network of the user and the roaming network. Some long numbers have international inbound reach (see list below and click on each list to see the carrier supported) but that is in a non roaming scenario. In roaming scenario, we really have no idea what might work.

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    Mark Stoneman

    I assumed that on the basis of whatever agreements are in place (connections, roaming or otherwise), it would be possible to tell what routing possibilities exist from/to any carrier, but I see now that the arrangements are much more complicated than that. Coming from a computer networking background it's a bit frustrating to suddenly find all these gaps in the network - I would have been fired ;).

    Thanks for clearing that up anyway.

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    What about Bangladesh ? :)

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    Thanks for the request. We are actively expanding our number reach into new countries. Bangladesh is unfortunately not coming in the near future, but subscribe to our announcements page as when we do get inbound reach in Bangladesh, we will announce it there.

    David - Nexmo

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    ok  , I will check this post frequently 

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    Sherwin Robles

    How about Philippines? Thanks!

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    Malik M.Iqbal


    I have an issue.. My problem is that i want two way sms. not receive and send. but send and recive. 


    My application send an sms with options for conformation like (1,2,3,4....). 

    User reply with an any option . 

    The issue is that some time sms delivered out of order, 

    The first sms reply from user is 1 and for second sms user reply 3. 

    in receving i receive the response of sms 3 first and sms 1 after that. so answer goes wrong.

    I hope u get it and please guide me in this concern. 


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    Tony Jamous

    Hi Malik, you need to implement sessions management with a time period to be able to get some order there. Or you can use keywords but that might introduce user confusion. 

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    Add Russia please!

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    Nexmo Support


    In Russia, MTS, Tele2, VimpelCom and Yenisey Telecom all have inbound reach to our UK Channel Islands virtual numbers.


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    Jason G.

    If I purchase a South African number, send a text to a user in Nigeria, and that user replies to the message will I get that reply?  Does this also apply to other countries in Africa?

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    Costa C

    Little confused here.

    "E.g. A US long virtual number will be able to receive incoming SMS form a US mobile phone. "

    Do you mean to say , " will be able to receive incoming SMS form a US mobile phone *ONLY* " ?

    So if my Nexmo number is a US number, it will NOT accept any SMSes from other countries?  Please confirm this.


    ( I need 2-way messaging and this limitation would make that impossible)




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    can we get inbound sms long number for Indonesia?

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    Eric Nadalin

    @costa You can do 2-ways messaging with US numbers as long as you are texting from US or Canada. If you want people to text from outside US/Canada you will need to use a number with international coverage from Sweden or Australia

    @Jason You won't be able to do 2-ways messaging with South African number from outside South Africa

    @iPayMu We are working on a lot of different countries but we don't have any ETA at this stage regarding Indonesia