Can I make a payment using a credit card?

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Yes, you can pay directly with a credit card, debit card or use any credit cards on your PayPal account through a PayPal payment.

Credit card payments are not available in all countries. Pre-paid cards are not supported as a direct payment method. If you are currently unable and would like to pay using a credit card please contact Nexmo Support.

Making a credit card payment in the Dashboard done by following these instructions:

  1. Sign into your account
  2. Go to the "Billing & Payments" page
  3. Select "Add a new payment method"
  4. Click "Make payment"
  5. Add your billing information
  6. Complete payment

If your payment is successful you will be able to save your credit card to make payments with just one-click in the future, and also turn on auto reload

* Please note pre-paid credit cards are not supported and attempted payments made with them will not succeed and may show as declined or cancelled


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